• Payroll Preparation

    Payroll Preparation Services include:

    • Periodic payroll calculations; (we can print cheques ,  arrange direct deposit or provide you with pay statements.
    • Source deductions and remittance reports.
    • Monthly / Quarterly Bookkeeping

    Monthly / Quarterly Bookkeeping including:

    • Enter time costs and write invoices
    • Entering all Sales and Expenses from source documents provided
    • Reconciling all company bank statements
    • Reconciling company credit card statements.
    • Periodic Government Reporting

    Periodic Government Reporting including;

    • HST / GST Reporting (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
    • PD7A (monthly)
    • WCB Reporting ( Quarterly, yearly)
    • T5018 (Contractors only)
    • Electronic Document Retention


    • Get rid of those dusty accounting and tax documents cluttering your office and basement. ​

    Increase productivity -

    • dozens of hours wasted looking for paper files.
    • Year End Reporting

    Year End Reporting including;

    • Preparation of Year End Financial Statements ​
    • Assistance in determining
    • Owner/Manager/Shareholder compensation ​
    • Preparation and E-filing of Corporate Tax returns
    • Financial Management

    Financial Management Services including;

    • Business Consulting and Training
    • Certified Quickbooks Training
    • Financial Business Analysis
    • Cash Flow Review
    • Tax Planning
    • Other Services

    Other Tax services including;

    • T1 Adjustments
    • Date of Death Returns
    • T3 Trust Returns
    • ​Audit Assistance